Sew what?!

Growing up, my Mom had a HUGE problem with me using the word “so” as a response. “It’s rude,” she’d scold. It was like “fart,” a word that just wasn’t said much in our home – almost a swear on Mom’s level.

“Sew” wasn’t said either, not because it was a swear, but because it wasn’t really done. Ma and I aren’t exactly domestic goddesses. We don’t really cook. We don’t bake much of anything. And we certainly don’t sew. Not because we have something against these activities; they’re just not part of our routines…until now.

So what? I’m going to tell you.
Sew what? Flowers. Stinkin’ cute, fabric flowers!

I traveled to my sassy friend Kezia’s (Tinkering Ink) house on Saturday, where I was given my first sewing lesson. Talk about learning from the master. Kezia and her neighbor Tasha showed me all sorts of tips and tricks.

I hand stitched.
I used pinking sheers. (These large, heavy, decorative-edge scissors that you use in sewing.)
I learned to make yo-yo flowers.
I even took a spin on a full-blown sewing machine. Giddy up!

Sure, I pricked a finger here and messed up a flower (or six) there, but I was actually doing it. And since our date with thread, I’ve made two more flowers all by myself. Get outta town, you say? Get outta town, indeed!

Thanks, Kezia, Tasha and Paul (Kezia’s DH)! I had sew much visiting! I hope we can do it again sometime!

Kezia (with Paul), displaying a few of our creations.

Yummy fabric treats!

Strike a pose-y.

A craft not without its casualties.