We didn’t hit the road last weekend, so I spent my holiday laboring away in my home…but it was a lot more fun than it sounds. Sure, there were a few loads of laundry and dishes. Yeah, I did a little vacuuming. But that’s not the fun part. Are you ready for it?

I finally started assembling my new craft room!

It's an inspiring, girly oasis, tucked away in the corner of a house full of guys! (OK, two of those “guys” are dogs, but still…)

I’m not done with this BIG project of mine, but I do have a pink peek to feed your creative curiosity. Please check back soon for the grand reveal. It’s going to be yummy! :)

P.S. In the spirit of my favorite color, you should also check out this freakaye video by Aerosmith. (Warning: It does show a little nip.)