Pssstt...I have news.

I’ve been waiting for the official announcement to go out at work. Now that it has, I’m excited to share my news with you. I have a new job. You’re looking at the new Creative Editor for Creating Keepsakes magazine…well, technically, you’re looking the blog of the new CE for CK, but you get the idea.

For those of you who don’t know, CK is part of the same parent company as my previous magazine, Simple Scrapbooks (as well as Paper Crafts magazine, the cool pub I worked on before Simple). This makes my move a little easier, and a little bit more difficult. You see, I adore my Simple friends, and it’s going to be hard to see them everyday without being a part of their creative crew. But, this CK position was a move up the ole career ladder, it seems like an awesome fit with me/my professional strengths, and CK also has some pretty cool peeps.

So, I hope to be seein’ ya on the pages of CK when the April 09 issue hits newsstands. Until then, we always have our blog visits to look forward to. :) I’m going to do a Christmas Countdown on here soon, with a variety of festive ideas to share. Are you ready to fill up your cup o’ creative cheer? Here’s hopin’!