Getting All My Owls in a Row

Last night I had the pleasure of joining a bunch of super creative gals for our monthly card group. This time is spent exchanging handmade cards, eating tasty snacks and creating a project. But, more on the details in my next post, including pictures of all of the wonderful cards exchanged. Until then, I’ll tell you a bit about the card I made to exchange.

Our card group theme this month was thank-you cards, so I made a “Thanks for Giving a Hoot” card, inspired by this Pottery Barn Kids stuffed animal:

Isn't he cute?! If I didn't share my bed with an incredibly handsome man, I'd be all over this bedroom set!

Wanting to capture the playfulness of this leggy owl, I reached for my yarn and braided long legs for each of my stamped hoots.

First, I knotted the top of three pieces of yarn:

Next, I punched holes where I wanted my legs to go:

I continued by inserting the knot end of yarn through the holes and sticking them down with tape (on the back). By securing my yarn to something, it was easier to braid.

Once the legs were braided, I knotted the bottom end and trimmed off the excess yarn.

Finally, I perched my owl up in a tree where his legs could dangle.

And, here’s the pink version of the same card:

And, here's the one with the longest legs in the bunch (nothing wrong with long legs, after all): ;)
Thanks for giving a hoot!