It's a Blog Bonanza!

Have you heard the word? No, I’m not talking about the bird. That’s old news, people. I’m talking about the newest blog in town.

As you likely know, Creating Keepsakes is the magazine I work for, and this is our new blog. On it you’ll find posts from me and my fellow CK companions on:
* Industry trends
* Project ideas
* Giveaways
* Expert scrapbooking solutions
* And so much more!

I’m super excited to interact with you in a slightly different way (through my day job) and hope you’ll join me on the pages of the CK blog soon.

Speaking of new blogs in town, I also want to mention the new Paper Crafts magazine blog. Like CK’s blog, this is a place to go for inspiration and ideas, but it’s more geared towards paper crafting than scrapbooking. As a former member of the amazing PC team, I can tell you that these gals do not disappoint. They’re each as unique as they are cute and hilarious, making for highly entertaining reading. Check it out at

Well blog lovers, what are you waiting for? Please pay these new kids in town a visit and tell us what you want to see in the way o’ the crafting blogs. While you’re at, please sign up for the RSS feed at the top of each blog so you’ll be the first to know when new posts are made.

I’ll be seeing ya in blog land!