More Bitty Bags

Just call me Bag Lady. Here’s another post about bitty bags. This time they’re fabric.

I bought these plain little fabric bags at Michael’s. They were only three for a $1 and are sold in pink and green as part of their Easter release. (Can you believe they’re already displaying Easter stuff? Sheesh!)

With nothing more than a few fabric scraps, a needle, thread and some extras (buttons and trim), I turned these plain bags into unique shopping bags in a matter of minutes. Sure, they’re bitty, but it’s not like we don’t buy bitty items too, right? Candy bars. Jewelry. Small…shirts. ;)

Okay, so these may not hold a shopping cart full of groceries, but you could also use these as gift bags. Or you could make a set of coordinating greeting cards and give them in one of these bitty beauties as an original handmade gift.

I’ve only recently learned to sew (if you can call what I do sewing), and I literally completed both of these bags in about an hour. (BTW, you can check out my first-ever sewing project here.)

I hope this inspires.