Card Group Creations: February

If you’re like me, you can never have too many birthday cards on hand. I like to keep some at work, at home and even in my car. You just never know when you’ll have one of those ‘crap, it’s so and so’s birthday today’ moments and need a greeting. Thanks to our February card group, I should be covered for a while. We exchanged handmade birthday greetings.

I made a little matchbook-style card, which means the flap sits snuggly beneath the scalloped piece along the bottom.

The sugary sweet P. Kelly also went the pink-cupcake card route.

As did Brandy with her sweetie-pie idea (borrowed from the amazingly talented Teri Anderson).

Beth lit up the assortment with her candle creation.

While Susan gave heat embossing a try. (Note: Susan is not at all a fan of stamping, so the fact that she heat embossed is really something. She couldn’t resist playing with the new embossing powders from American Crafts. And really, can you blame her?)

Bonnie made a beautiful card, perfect for a winter birthday.

Brenda went the opposite direction, creating a darling summertime card.

And Sara wrapped things up with her sparkling design.

Three of our card-swapping friends couldn’t make it this month, but we picked up their cards later. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of those to share. I’m afraid they’re now part of my “at work” stash (since I received them while at work and, as I said, I like to keep a few birthday cards on hand in my desk).

Here we are about to begin swapping. It’s always so fun to see what everyone brings to the table. Thanks for hosting, Brandy!

When we were done swapping, we decorated birthday gift wrap (bags and boxes). After all, what good are all of those handmade cards without equally cute handmade wrap?

Speaking of birthdays, I happened to celebrate my birthday in Feb, so cute P.K. made me cupcakes. Yum!

This month we’re making hello cards. Check back soon to see what we come up with.