Just Call Me Eggy Meggy

My eggs didn’t turn out to be nearly as stunning as Debie’s, but I sure did have fun making them.

First things first, the prep work. Jenifer, my 14-year-old niece, boiled the eggs…

And she and I prepared the dye.

Dying eggs can be a messy business, so we dressed for the occasion, using a few of Pop’s tattered shirts as smocks. They were easy to find since the majority of his shirts look this way…and I’m talking the shirts in his regular rotation.

Jenifer smocked me, so I smocked here back.

At last, time to play. And Jenifer and I weren’t the only ones to get crafty with the shell canvases. Pop, Cor and even Mom joined us.

You know what surprised me more than anything? How creative Pop and Cor got with it. Pop drew scenes and even added glitter to his eggs. And look at how Cor is creating a multi-colored egg by dripping dye with the egg-dipper tool. Show offs!

As I said in my last post, eggs are rub-on and glitter friendly. Here are a few I made:

Mom and Jenifer also adorned their hard-boiled beauties with rub-ons and glitter. Awesome!

All in all, an egg-cellent time was had by all!