Pretty in Pink

On your mark…
Get set…

And we were off, racing for a cure to breast cancer. Women, men, children and even animals showed up in their pink pretties…pink as far as the eye could see. It was an amazing sight—both sad and wonderful. Sad, because these thousands of people have all been impacted by breast cancer in one way another. Wonderful, because there was a serious sense of unity and support in the air. Plus, this meant hundreds of thousands of dollars was raised in one day, which is awesome. My emotions were definitely running high! (No pun intended.)

Pop and I “ran” the 3.1 miles (really a brisk walk, with plenty of photo-op stops along the way) for my mom, as did three of Mom’s friends and Angie (who was also there running—and she really ran—for her SIL, Becky).

As you can see, we finished in just over an hour. Not too shabby considering we probably didn’t even get off of the starting line (because of all of the people) until about 15–20 minutes in. Okay, so maybe it's not great, but we finished, and that's what matters, right?

The race wove in and out of the streets of Salt Lake City. Many people living in the houses along the sidelines were out in their yards watching, and it’s no wonder. It was quite the spectacle. People in boas, wigs, capes, pink spandex jumpsuits (a man), even a human bowling pin. That’s right, take a look…

A beautiful, pink parade!

This is something Pop and I will definitely do again next year, and this time we’ll have Mom there with us, sporting her pink survivor shirt.