A Father's Day Note

I did a Google search for “father quotes.” The result – many lovely sayings, most of which accurately describe the feelings I have for my Pop…but it didn’t feel like enough.

There really aren’t words to express the love I feel for my Dear Ole Dad, especially words from another’s mouth and heart. I mean, how do you show appreciation for a person who always believes in you, always jumps to your rescue and always loves you unconditionally? I’m a lucky girl, to say the least.

Happy Father’s Day, Poppy. I love you!

And, as if having an incredible dad weren’t enough, three years ago I gained a second loving father – my father-in-law, Don. To this day, Don always opens the door for his wife. He’s great with a crossword puzzle. He adores his family. He warmly welcomed me into his family long before Cor and I ever tied the knot. And, he raised an incredible man who’s going to make a top-notch father himself someday.

Happy Father’s Day, Don. I love you!

I don’t know what I did to deserve not one, but two wonderful fathers, but that’s exactly what I have. On this, Father’s Day, I want to acknowledge both of them and thank them for making my life better by giving selflessly, loving unconditionally and living fully.