Pink Day & Prizes

I like pink. Duh. Could I possibly make a more obvious statement? As if my pink craft room, my pink clothing, my pink sewing machine, my pink accessories and even my pink doughnuts (more on that in an upcoming post) weren’t enough to clue you in, I have decided to do a blog post in honor of this cheerful color... Okay, another blog post. ;)

But there is a method to my pink madness. You see, today is Nat’l Pink Day. That’s right, blog buds, there’s a day dedicated to a color. First Nat’l Doughnut Day and now this—does it get any better? Oh, I know. Pink doughnuts! I guess it does get better.

So, in honor of my favorite shade, I’m going to give a few pink pretties away. You interested? How does a pink polka dot apron from one of my favorite stores, Hip & Humble, sound? Well, this cute number can be yours (minus the matching owl).

Also up for grabs is a bit of pink sparkle in the form of a handmade button ring. My winner can choose from one of the following. And all of these are currently available over at my little jewelry shop, Happiness on a String.

Before we get to the nitty gritty of the giveaway, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite pink things. This pic of me with a few of my favorite pink posessions was taken for the Paper Crafts magazine blog a few years back. Even then I was doing “Happy Pink Day” posts. I spy with my little eye a Cheshire Cat snowglobe. Do you see him?

Speaking of Pink Day blog posts, my pals over at PC mag are giving away a delicious pink prize pack today in honor of this special ocassion. Click here to enter.

These shots were taken for a little pink mini album I created for Mini Albums in an Evening, an incredible special issue from Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I spelled out "pink" in a bitty key chain album, with a favorite pink item illustrating each letter of the word:
P: Peeps
I: iPod
N: Nailpolish
K: Kitty
A bit nerdy, sure, but it made me smile and I had fun putting the project together. I suppose that's worth the nerd fest. ;)

And for my current magazine, Creating Keepsakes, I had my entire pink craft room featured in our June 2009 issue. How fun is that? You can see close-up shots, how-tos and more on CK’s website. (There will be a link to it on the slideshow that runs on the homepage. You just have to wait a minute for it. Wait for it. Wait for it...) If you have time, I’d love your feedback. This was a doozy of a project but I’ve enjoyed the outcome.

Over the top? Perhaps. But I find happiness in this hue, so why not surround myself with it? Now, if I could only get my hands on the new and fabulous pink printer combo from Canon. One day…

On to the Pink Prizes
Okay, let’s talk prize specifics. To be entered into my drawing for an apron or a button ring, please leave a comment about your favorite color and why you love it. Maybe it’s yellow because it reminds you of sunshine. Or perhaps seafoam green is more your thing. Whatever it is, I’d love to read all about it. You have until Saturday, June 27 to comment. I’ll announce my winner right here on Monday, June 29, so please check back.

Now, in celebration of Nat'l Pink Day, I'll leave you with this fun Jason Mraz video - "Geek in the Pink." Fairly fitting way to conclude this post, don't you think? I'm the geek in the pink, y'all!


Geek In The Pink - Jason Mraz