Sew Happy Together

At last, I have a sewing machine. And it’s about the cutest sewing machine in town. That’s right, I called a sewing machine “cute.” Don't you agree? I mean, she’s pink and everything!

I bought this purty girl at a local machine shop in SLC. And you know what? They actually sent me a hand-written thank-you note. How’s that for customer service? I don’t see Mr. Wal-Mart sending out notes of thanks.

Here’s a funny story. I came home from work after buying the machine, excited to test drive her, only to find my sweet Cor at the wheel. He had a pair of old, holey boxers that he was testing the stitches on. And he didn’t even bother to stitch up the holes. ;)

Cor knows I’m not good with word-heavy manuals. I just don’t learn that way. But he does, so he sat down, learned, and shared his newfound sewing machine knowledge with me. Isn’t he sweet?

With his teaching, I made my own buttonhole.

And I made a cell phone pouch for Cory. LOL (Like I really expect him to use it, but I did do it all by myself. It was a proud moment.

I’m now sewing fun little nicks and knacks, which I plan on sharing here soon. In the meantime, I’d love to receive any advice you have to give on being a new mom (to a machine). Cool sewing websites. Dos. Don’ts. What have you. Thanks!