Ooooh! I want that!

I'm a sucker for commercials. I'll see one for something as random as oven cleaner and think, “Oooh, I want that!” This got me to thinking about the many things I often find myself wanting. I know, it’s a waste not-want not world these days, but I can’t help myself.

I want that!

This is the perfect example – and the reason I thought to write this post – I saw the Lollipop Dell commercial for the new Mini laptop and said to Cor, “Oooh, I want that bitty pink computer. It’d be perfect for when I travel!” It’s only 2.5 pounds!

These loves have been on my wish list for six months now (since Christmas). Sadly, they're always on back order. ALWAYS! Come on, Pottery Barn! Give me a break and make more of these so that I can give one a happy hoot home.

It’s only a matter of time before I can enjoy this manmade wonder in my own town. (In-n-Out is coming to Draper soon.) In the meantime, I’m left wanting this Cali goodness.
I had the pleasure of test driving this handy little camera with the fantastic zoom and extra large preview screen, and boy howdy is it nice. It's just looking for a permanent home in my purse.

I love my pups. I do. But I’m a cat person at heart. And I’m especially fond of orange neens (Meg-speak for “cats”). Alas, my DH is allergic, which means my orange neen shall remain on my “Want” list.

I love red and I love sweaters, making this Anthropologie beauty a must.

I’m a bird nerd and Fossill’s number one fan—match made in heaven here!

How delightful is this new paper from Cosmo Cricket? Definitely a want.

I’m told this Hawaiian shave (that’s “shave,” not “shaved”) ice from Matsumoto Shave Ice is the king snow cone. Well, I L-O-V-E me a good snow cone, and I plan on bowing before this king sometime in my lifetime.

My love of snow cones and burgers leaves me wanting/needing this new Wii game. How would it be to have abs like hers?

As you likely know, supporting breast cancer causes is something near and dear to my heart. As you may also know, I’m a big Ford Mustang fan. So, when I saw that Ford released a Mustang that supports breast cancer, I was intrigued. And when I saw that it had pink incorporated, I was hooked! I SO want this. Of course, more than any of these things, I want a cure for cancer. One day…

So, what’s on your list of wants? You can leave me a comment or maybe you can post a list of wants of your own and leave me the link. Wait. Did I just start my own blog challenge? I think I did. Uh oh. What next? Chain e-mails? ;) Seriously though, I’d love to know what you’re wanting these days. You might say I want to know.