To go or not to go? This is my question.

My ten-year high school reunion is this week. Now I’m faced with the inevitable question: do I attend? I could use your advice. Here are some of the thoughts going through my head:

  1. I would likely be flying solo. My sweet hubby will join me (though, I imagine he won’t be thrilled about the idea), but it appears none of my closest HS pals will be there. Since they’re the ones I’d want to see the most, is it worth going knowing they won't be there?

  2. Most of my pals are on Facebook. Thanks to the magic of my online book o’ faces, I can keep in touch with my HS pals on a daily (vs. yearly) basis.

  3. I’m fat. Okay, this is a half joke. I may not be the twig I was in HS, but who is? I wouldn’t let my appearance keep me from attending, but it does cause me to hesitate.

  4. Am I accomplished? That’s the point of reunions, right? To measure up and see who’s done the most? I know this isn’t supposed to be the purpose, but I know that deep down it sort of is. I have a wonderful spouse, a lovely home, happy dogs and a good job, but is it all enough? I was our class valedictorian. Are people going to expect me to come in with letters behind my name? I’m 28 and have yet to have children. Is that going to make me look like a failure? I know these thoughts probably sound silly, but I’m being honest here and these are the thoughts racing through my head.

  5. Tickets are $60 each. Ouch!

  6. I have this nagging feeling I should go. Despite these rational reasons to pass on this event, I have this nagging feeling I should attend. But why? To sit and mingle with people who most likely won’t remember me anyway? Or is it that I just hate to miss this milestone in life?

Help! I have only a day or two to decide.

Would you go if you were me? Did you go to your ten-year? Are you glad you did or did you find that it wasn't really worth the time? Did it feel like a competition or was it an enjoyable experience? Any perspective or thoughts you have to share would be appreciated. Thanks!