Today We Remember

I’m posting this at 6:46 AM, local time. The time the world is asked to take a moment of silence. The time, eight years ago, that the first plane hit the World Trade Center...

Where were you? How did you react? Shock? Fear? Tears? Outrage? Or did you jump up and lend a hand?

It was a little of all of the above for me, as I imagine it was for you. I was in college and I clearly remember waking up to my overly dramatic roommate pounding on my door, telling me “the world is ending, dude!” While the world didn't end, it sure did change. Perspective changed. Humankind changed.
A view of Ground Zero taken in May, 2005. The beams left standing after the devistation formed a cross. The sight gave me chills.

Yes, the events of this day did cause me to jump at the sound of planes overhead for a long time after. I even developed IBS as a result. (Too much information? Perhaps, but it’s true.) But, more importatly, I gained a greater appreciation of my country, the world and life in general.

Let today serve as a reminder to value life and freedom. It’s easy to get bogged down by the day-to-day (trust me, I know), but we should really do our best to value and embrace all that each day brings. We’re alive and that should be celebrated.

A timeline of events posted at Ground Zero, May, 2005

In the spirit of celebration, I’d like to thank you for spending a little bit of your day with me. I deeply appreciate your words and the fact that you’re interested in mine. May the peace of God be with you!


If you’re in Utah today, here are a few local memorial plans you can take part in:

Sandy Healing Fields
Noon, 10000 S. Centennial Pkwy

Kaysville Memorial
Sunrise, Utah Botanical Center

West Jordan Concert
7 PM, 8035 S. 22 W.

Magna Memorial
8 AM, Memorial Park