Turkey Day Tradition

It’s not too late to incorporate an ornamental tradition into your Thanksgiving feast. Notice the small gift packages sitting next to the plates in the picture above? Those each contain Christmas tree ornaments. No, I’m not giving away the surprise. This is something my fam has come to expect, as I do it every Thanksgiving. I buy each person at the table an ornament that reflects their personality and interests and we open the ornaments before we eat.

Mom also gets into the act. See the special something hiding beneath the napkin? Yep, it’s a lottery ticket. Excellent!

Why do this? Well, I think it’s a fun way to kick off the holiday season. Plus, exchanging a gift is an excellent way to express gratitude.

Your Traditions?

What is your Thanksgiving tradition? Watching the parade? The Westminster Dog Show, maybe? How about a tradition with the menu? I’d love to read a bit about you and your family activities.

Thank You!

Speaking of expressing gratitude, I’d like to thank you for visiting my little corner of e-real estate this year. I love reading your comments and deeply appreciate your friendship and support.

Happy Thanksgiving!