Fun with Coffee Filters (part 3): Lanterns and Umbrellas

Ready for the third and final installment of my coffee-filter fun? Well, the third installment for now, that is. This time, I used my color-misted filters to create faux Chinese lanterns and little paper 'brellas.

Filter Lanter
For the lantern, simply knot a piece of thread and add a few coordinating beads.

Then, thread on your coffee filters. The natural shape is perfect for creating the look of a lantern.

Add another bead or two to the top of the filter stack, tie a knot and hang your creation.

Filter 'Brellas

For the umbrellas, tie a knot at the end of a string and thread a bead for your handle.

Tie a second knot, add a second bead, and then thread two colored filters. Top it off with a top bead and tie the string with a knot. Don't be afraid to fold the filters a bit to form an umbrella shape.
How fun would these look as shower decor, either for a baby or a bridal shower?

Hope you've enjoyed my filter creations. I'd love to know which (from all three posts) is your favorite.

Thanks for taking a peek!