Check this out! (Library card not required)

Meet my newest housemate. Okay, so devoting an entire blog post to a piece of furniture is probably a bit odd, but I just can’t help myself. I’m so excited about this new addition. I got it at The Barn, an incredible antique store in Castle Rock, CO. It’s an old card catalog that 50 years ago spent its days in a library in Kansas, and now it sits in my family room!

It still has its alphabet-marked cards in the slots in the drawers.

Naturally, the pups have to check out the new addition and ensure it’s welcome. Like me, they think it’s pretty cool.

Now the big question is this: What do I keep in all of these wonderful drawers? I got it with my craft supplies in mind. (I always need more craft storage.) I’m thinking my fat quarters of fabric might decide to call these long, shallow slots home.

But there are so many drawers, and I’m not sure what I should put in the others. Any suggestions?