Cuckcoo for Cone Crafts

Here’s an elegant fall craft to try, whether you’re decorating for Thanksgiving or just want to warm up your home as the weather outside cools. It’s a Happy Fall banner made from rolled paper cones. Call me a conehead, but I just can’t get enough of the paper cones. And this is yet another idea for creating with them. 

Step 1: Cut 6” x 6” cones from paper (I used vintage music paper), one square for each cone in your banner.

Step 2: Roll your paper through a paper crimper for added texture. (Note: This step is optional.)

Step 3: Cut two of the four edges of the square with decorative scissors. (This creates the decorative edge around the top of the cone.) 

Step 4: Fold corners of paper in to form cone shape, making sure the cut edges are at the top (the cone opening), and glue or staple cone into place.

Step 5: Punch holes in both sides of the cone. You will eventually string your cones onto your banner using these holes, so you’ll want a larger enough hole punch to fit your ribbon choice through. 

Step 6: Color cone with spray ink (optional). 

Step 7: Create accordion flowers from scraps of paper. Attach letters to centers of flowers to spell your banner’s greeting. (I spelled out “happy fall,” but you could also do words like “thankful,” “home,” “family,” or “love” if you want your banner to be less seasonal.) Adhere accordion flowers to cones.

Step 8: String cones to form banner. Note: I strung mine with tulle. This works well, because it holds the cones in place, where they might slide around on a thinner or smoother trim. 
Happy fall!