Bitty Box Scrapbook Storage

It’s another new year, which means many of us are focusing our efforts on getting organized. As you already know, I’ve been spending a great deal of time getting my craft room in tiptop shape. While organizing my drawers, I came across this storage idea that I first shared in the “Tips & Tricks” column of Creating Keepsakes magazine in 2009.
I took little 2” x 2” boxes like this, which are from Expedx...

And added  small accents to the lids of the boxes in various categories (eyelets, brads, bling, small tags, and flowers), which I set up by color...  

Finally, I lined one of my shallow drawers with the boxes. They fit in the drawer perfectly! 

The outcome: an affordable storage approach for those bitty scrapbooking delights. What is your favorite way to organize your small supplies? I’m always looking for new suggestions and ideas to try.