DIY Felt Fortune Cookies

Hey there, cookie! Here’s a little Valentine’s Day good fortune for you. It’s a felt fortune cookie. 

Inspired by the talented Kristine McKay's Studio 5 segment, I created these cookies for my coworkers last year. They come together quickly and make a great and unique surprise for anyone who brings a little good fortune to your life. Here’s the recipe for these cute cookies.
Step 1: Cut a felt scrap into an oval.

Step 2: Cut jewelry wire to the length of the center of your cookie.

Step 3: Apply fabric glue to the center of your felt piece.

Step 4: Position your wire to the glue and secure in place by adding a strip of ribbon across the top. 

Step 5: Fold cookie in half and stitch around edge. Leave a small area unstitched so that you can insert a fortune. 

Step 6: Use your finger to form the wire into the fortune-cookie shape. 

Confucius Say: This is one project you’ll love this Valentine’s Day!