20 wks & Feeling Clueless

I’m half way there! Half way to a bouncing baby girl. Well, she’s already bouncing--she moves a lot--but I’m half way to meeting her, and I’m starting to feel those nerves. I don’t know much of anything about raising a baby. I’m the youngest child, growing up I only babysat older kids... in other words, I don’t know much about this baby bidnaz. 
This is where I’m coming to you for help. I have a few questions on my mind that I’d love your insights on:
  • Diapers: What brand is a good brand? I’d like to start buying those now (a great suggestion made by a Facebook friend), but I don’t know where to start. 
  • Cradles/Bassinets: Worth the investment? I imagine it’s nice to have that bitty babe close by while they’re newborns, which would require such a bed, right? 
  • Clothes: Is the month thing on clothing accurate? In other words, I’m due in June. Does this mean I should be buying winter clothes in the 6-9 month size?
  • Birthing Classes (eeep!): Is that something I should start looking into now? I have to admit that ignorance is currently bliss, but I’m going to have to face the childbirth music sooner or later. Is it sooner? Or is it later?

  • Best Baby Sites and Stores: When it comes to baby furniture/bedding/etc., do you know of any good websites or stores? Babies R Us and Pottery Barn Kids are about the only big baby stores around here that I know of, though Buy Buy Baby is coming soon (yay!). 

Any ideas you have to share about these or other topics would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, my baby-wise friends. This clueless mama-to-be greatly appreciates your wisdom.