It's Suddenly Sleepy Saturday

Catching a quick catnap in my car. Something I do often. The front seat of a Mustang can make quite comfy sleeping quarters. 

What do you get when you combine narcolepsy + sleep apnea + low iron + pregnancy = 1 tired gal. 

I’m definitely feeling the fatigue these days, but I know you don’t need all or any of the aforementioned ailments to feel the exhaustion life can bring. Just functioning day to day, accomplishing the many things that are required of us as responsible adults, can lead to that oh-so-sleepy feeling. So, whether you have a sleep disorder or not, I think you’ll be interested in this tidbit:
In recognition of those clocks being set ahead tomorrow morning--yup, Daylight Savings Time is here--the Narcolepsy Network established this day as a day to raise awareness of the extreme fatigue narcolepsy can cause. 
I encourage you to check out the symptoms of narcolepsy here. I went 12 years without a diagnosis and finally, due in part to my own self education, found the answers I had so desperately been seeking for 12+ years. That’s a lot of years and quality of life lost that I can’t get back. Don’t let the same happen to you. Become informed and spread the word. It could make a huge difference in your life or the life of another.
Happy Suddenly Sleepy Saturday. Here’s hoping you can sneak an extra nap in this weekend!