Kuddos to Cath: A Moxie Fab Blog Hop

As a former Paper Crafts (PC) magazine editor, I worked with Cath back in the day, but I actually met her before joining the PC team. You see, she was my main contact for that magazine when I was a PR specialist at Stampin’ Up! (SU!). She was the one I would send SU!-sponsored projects to, in the hopes they’d get picked up and published. However, this is not where our story begins. 

This next chapter is one most don’t know.

I saw an opening for a creative editor for PC back in 2005. I was happy in my current position at SU!, but I also had a great interest in publishing, and the job description sounded like a dream, so I applied. I made it through two rounds of interviews, but I didn’t end up with the job. It was down to three of us, and they went with a gal named Cath. Because of the SU! position I held at that time, I quickly became acquainted with the one who beat me in my creative editor quest. I’ll admit, part of me didn’t want to like her. I wanted to say, “Hey, that should have been me!” But I did like her. A lot. And, more importantly, I could see why they saw her as a good fit for the job. 

Later, Cath actually encouraged me to join the PC team when I was offered a different position. She chatted with me for more than an hour, telling me why she loved her job there and why I would also love a job there. She was right; I did. Working with that team was one of the highlights of my career. Cath, Jennafer Martin, Brandy Jesperson, Brenda Peterson, P. Kelly Smith, Stace Hasegawa, Junko Barker, Neko Carrillo, Stacy Croninger and I had such fun together. 

Leaving SU! was an incredibly difficult decision to make. I’m not sure I would have made such a decision if it weren’t, in part, for that phone call with Cath. 

Thank you, Cath. Sincerely. The nearly eight years I worked with the CK family of magazines were some of the happiest years of my professional life. 

When I think of PC, I think of the lovely ladies shown in this picture--P. Kelly, Brandy Jesperson, and Cath

Photo taken in Anaheim, CA by Susan R. Opel.

Knowing that the last of them is stepping away makes me sad. But in many ways it seems like a natural time for that era to conclude. And knowing that I’m still friends with each of these beautiful women makes my heart happy. A job doesn’t change the bond we have. 

Cath, I'm so excited to see where you go from here. In the spirit of your next big adventure, I created this card. 

Supplies: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper; Patterned paper: American Crafts; Brads, dot stickers and washi tape: Freckled Fawn; Adhesive: Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L; Other: Jute.
Image edited using the following apps: Instagram, Pic Stitch, and Rhonna Designs.

You're one fun lady, and I know that you'll take that spirit and zest for life with you on your journey, so the sentiment seemed appropriate. However, I feel like I should add the word "next" in there--"Let the NEXT fun begin"--because you always brought the fun to what you did. 

I wish you the best, my friend. Here's to fun and new adventures! Borrowing a known Cath phrase, "I'll drink to that!" 

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