Game On: Last-minute Super Bowl decor

I wanted our football fun this weekend to be about more than binge eating and hollering at the TV. I wanted it to look festive. After all, it's not every day your team makes it to the big game. But I'm short on funds and time, so I opted for a few quick creations. I hope they score with you!

[Warning: Seahawks fans, you may want to turn away now, as this here is a Bronco blog... Okay, so I suppose these ideas could just as easily be created in blue and green, but why bother? Know what I'm sayin'? ;)]

Pass the Pigskin
This will be the only thing about the big game that will suck—football straws.

Game Gear (Supplies You'll Need)
* Brown paper (I used a sheet from Glitz Design.)
* 2 1/2" circle punch (I used a Fiskars punch.)
* White gel pen (I used the Gelly Roll Pen by Sakura of America—LOVE this pen!)
* Scissors
* Stapler
* Paper Straws (These cuties are from Queen & Co.)
* Washi Tape
* Bottles of Orange Soda (or green, if you must)

Do It To It
Here's the straw play by play:

1. Punch two circles from brown paper.

2. Fold circle in half lightly (not a crisp fold).

3. Cut along edge to transform circle shape into football shape.

4. Draw football detail using gel pen.

Calling a Time Out: When it comes to white pens, this is like a two-point conversion—twice as nice! I am not a Sakura affiliate in any way. I simply adore this pen. And, as you may know, a good white pen can be harder to find than a Seahawk who knows how to play offense. ;)

5. Repeat. Each straw requires two footballs.

6. Wrap footballs around straw, back to back, (leaving enough room at top for sipping) and staple in place.

7. Secure straw to bottle of soda using washi tape.

One Born Every Minute
Broncos fans are from suckers, but that doesn't mean a tasty lolly won't hit the spot come game day.

There will be no delay of game when it comes to making these lollies; they're quick.

Game Gear
* Suckers in your team colors
* Washi tape (decorative tape)
* Small star punch (I used the Epiphany Crafts star, which is the perfect size for so many things!)
* Stapler

Do It To It
1. Wrap top of sucker stick with a strip or two of washi tape (decorative tape).

2. Cut end of tape into a dovetail shape.

3. Punch a small star from patterned paper and staple to tape.

The fans certainly won't get restless with these sweets being offered in the stands.

Hey, I call interference on this play!

Outta Site Uprights 
I plan on making a dip similar to the one shown here. If I don't fumble in the kitchen, that is.

Image Credit:

Good news is, I'm halfway to my goal with the completion of my paper-straw goal posts.

Game Gear
* Paper straws (Mine are from Queen & Co.)
* Stapler
* Patterned paper (I used sheets from Crate Paper [blue polka dot] and My Mind's Eye [orange].)
* Letter stickers (Mine are from the Bella Blvd. Sophisticates sheet.)
* Baker's twine (I went with blue and white from Whisker Graphics.)
* Scissors

Do It To It
1. Pinch end of straw to flatten. (I used Style Stix from Queen & Co.)

2. Pinch center of second straw to flatten.

3. Staple two straws together in a T (right angle) fashion at the flattened points; cut away excess straw (creating an L shape). Repeat on opposite end to create U shape.

4. Flatten center of U piece and top of new straw piece. This will be the center of your post (the part that sticks out of the ground above Jimmy Hoffa's resting place.

5. Staple pieces together to complete goalpost.

6. Repeat. You'll want both ends of your field to have goalposts, even if one of them will remain unused.

7. Create two small banners using scraps of paper, stickers, and twine, and attach to posts.

It's no Mile High, but my guacamole field is will still support the team in its own small way.

Flag Flavor
Raise those flags, sports fans; you now have an easy cupcake-topper idea to add to your party playbook.

Cut up paper straws into smaller strips and top them with crafting supplies for a fancy flag on your cupcake play.

Game Gear
* Paper Straws (same as above)
* Flag punch (Fiskars)
* Patterned paper (same as above)
* Star punch (same as above)
* Stapler
* Foam squares/dimensional adhesive
* Bling (I went with the sparkling Doodlebug Design variety.)
* Letter stickers (I opted for the Bella Blvd. Sophisticates—the blue was perfect!)
* Scissors

Do It To It
1. Punch piece from patterned paper. I used paper from Crate Paper (Maggie Holmes—blue polka dot) and My Mind's Eye (orange). I used the Fiskars flag punch.

2. Flatten straw piece near top.

3. Attach sticker to flag. I wanted to do DB, but I paused for slang, bag-related reasons. Maybe I should put DB on Richard Sherman's flag instead, eh? So I went with D. The Sophisticates stickers from Bella Blvd. were just the ticket.

4. Attach lettered flag to squished area of straw piece using stapler.

5. Punch small star from patterned paper, and make your star shine almost as brightly as Peyton Manning with some stick-on bling, like these Jewels from Doodlebug Design.

6. Attach star to flag using dimensional adhesive.

7. Wave your Denver flag proudly and enjoy the Bronco stampede.

Find yourself with all of your team-related alphas picked off? No worries. You can create some of your cupcake picks without letters and paper. A little washi will do the trick.

Guests will huddle together around the cupcake plate with these flags on the field.

Ladies, you don't need Tom Brady to make your Super Bowl party super cute. Simply grab a few items from your stash—no holding back—and snap to it.  Hike, hike...

Enjoy the game!