Lucky You: Tracing-paper St. Patrick's Day surprises

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Remember my tracing paper ghosts? Yeah, I kind of have a thing for tracing paper right now and have been using it on many things, including this lucky number.

It's a rainbow-filled clover!

And it's a quick way to spread a little St. Patrick's Day love this week. Here's how it's done.

Do It To It

1. Sketch (or print) a clover shape that's at least 5" wide at the widest point. Clovers were more challenging to sketch at this scale than I was prepared for. Took a bit of practice, but I finally came up with my template. You may want to save yourself the trouble and just do a quick "clover template" search on Pinterest or something.

2. Layer two pieces of tracing paper, each slightly larger than your clover, over your clover and trace with a permanent pen or marker. I used a green Sharpie.

3. Go over your traced lines with a thicker marker. I opted for a Faber-Castell Pitt Pen (love these!), because of its nice brush tip.

4. Turn your sheets of tracing paper over (you should still have two sheets stacked together) and trace the back of the clover.

5. Write "Lucky You" on one clover.

6. Cut your clovers out.

This will leave you with two mirror images. Don't worry if they aren't exact matches.They'll puff up a bit anyway when you fill 'em with candy.

7. Stitch the your two clovers together, front to back, leaving a small opening where you can slide Skittles inside. Then stitch the rest of the clover closed for a vibrant bit o' luck.

Bonus! Try these awesome Mint M&Ms instead, which are green and tasty.

8. Leave your little bit of luck where someone special will find it. Surprise!

Like the look of a filled clover? Me too! So I decided to fill another one with sequins for a card.

Do It To It

1. You only need one clover for this one. Partially stitch it to your card base.

2. Squeeze your card a bit, creating an opening between the card and the clover, and fill the clover with sequins. I opted for shades of green, gold and orange.

3. Once satisfied with your sequin selection, stitch the rest of the clover.

4. Add a little sparkle to complement the softness of the tracing paper. I went with these bright gold stars from Studio Calico. I then added a few strips of washi tape down the side.

5. For the inside of the card, I added a small treat bag, which I will fill with a gift card to express gratitude to my parents for all they do to help us with Maggie.

Feeling lucky? Or maybe you're feeling blessed. St. Patrick's Day is a great time to express gratitude you're feeling. Hope you enjoy this idea for sending a little Luck O' the Irish to someone you care about.