Paper Crafting with Patches

"Sew it, stick it, do somethin' with it." That's the tagline on the packaging of one of the patches. Isn't it perfect?! There is so much you can do with these little textured treats. Whether you sew it on or use it as a sticker, you're sure enjoy working with this up and coming crafting trend. Think beyond clothing and backpacks to paper crafting. Patches are a quick and easy way to add texture without adding bulk. Use them on albums, scrapbook pages, cards, gift wrap, and home decor. 


About the Patch

Many are sticky-backed, some are iron-ons, and others are meant to be stitched on. 

Like the enamel pins, patches seem to be a throwback to the '80s. They're back in a big way! Of course, you can use them on your clothing. In fact, many clothes are currently designed with patch designs already in place, like this cute Cat & Jack pack that I picked up at Target (which Maggie promptly claimed as her own).


Where Are They?

Patches are available locally at stores such as Target, Michaels, and Hot Topic. You can also find them online. There are so many to choose from. You'll find something for everybody. Try searching "iron-on patches" or "embroidered patches." I have a Pinterest board with a few fun possibilities. Prepare to be '80s inspired! ;)

Paper Craft Using Patches

Pair patches with fabric bags to create fun gift wrap or even add them directly to the fabric liner of your planner. Both are fun iron-on options. The peel-and-stick variety stick very well, so proceed with caution but also know they'll stay put, even on textured surfaces like this awesome Jillibean Soup frame.


Of course, patches are a natural partner to pair with paper projects. They're flat, so they work well on scrapbook pages.


Maggie loved making a quick card and gift bag. You might say these are stickers with pizazz, making they quite kid friendly.

patches_card and bag.JPG

Some are small enough to make awesome planner extras. Taco Tuesday anyone?


As Seen On TV

I'll share even more ideas today at 11:00 AM on Studio 5 (Utah channel 5 if you're in the 'hood, otherwise, you can watch live streaming here).


Thanks to My Production Assistant

I have to give a special shoutout to my help. She made going to the show more fun (which I didn't know could be possible). Thanks, Mags!


Upcoming Classes

I'm so excited to have four local classes coming up. I'd love to see you at any or all of them. Space is extremely limited, but I'd be happy to give you dibs. To receive an e-mail when class sign-ups are posted, please email me at and I'll add you to my mailing list. I hope to see you there! :) The classes are:

1. Wreath Making

2. Creative Planning (November and December classes)

3. Creative Journaling Using a Bullet Journal


More About Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons (and card opinions needed)

I had a very last-minute surprise this weekend. Sadly, it wasn't without its disappointment. My childhood friend was supposed to be in town for the SNAP Conference. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it at the last minute. On a bright side, she gifted me her ticket. Wasn't that the nicest?!

With only a day's notice, I didn't have much time to prepare, so I printed the made the finest business cards (ghe-he-ta-o!) the morning of and brushed a stroke of watercolor paint across my name using my yummy watercolor gel crayons from Lulu's Boutique in Gardner Village.

Where to Buy

There was such interest in these at the show. At least half of those who saw my card asked about the paint because it has such a pretty shimmer. With that in mind, I thought I'd offer a link to where they can be purchased online if you aren't a Utah resident and able to shop at the adorable Lulu's Boutique (LOVE that store!). Using my new marketing skillz, I'm listing an affiliate link in case you want to make a purchase and support my small business as well. If not, no worries. <3

Watercolor Card Thoughts Needed

In similar news, I created a few cards over the weekend and would love your thoughts. They're encouragement cards for a few friends who could use a little love and light right now. Trying to decide which design I like the best. Do you have a favorite? I'd love your input and help!

Option 1: Sun with sky

Option 2: Sun without sky

Option 3: Sun with bitty hearts

Option 4: Heart and sun

Option 5: Sun with rainbow

Is there one style that stands out to you?

Speaking of help, thanks SO much for all of your kind words in response to my last post. I was absolutely overwhelmed by your comments, FB note and messages, emails, phone calls, and texts. I feel beyond loved and know that will make the blue rhythms easier. Thank you from my heart.

I painted bitty hearts on the inside.