More About Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons (and card opinions needed)

I had a very last-minute surprise this weekend. Sadly, it wasn't without its disappointment. My childhood friend was supposed to be in town for the SNAP Conference. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it at the last minute. On a bright side, she gifted me her ticket. Wasn't that the nicest?!

With only a day's notice, I didn't have much time to prepare, so I printed the made the finest business cards (ghe-he-ta-o!) the morning of and brushed a stroke of watercolor paint across my name using my yummy watercolor gel crayons from Lulu's Boutique in Gardner Village.

Where to Buy

There was such interest in these at the show. At least half of those who saw my card asked about the paint because it has such a pretty shimmer. With that in mind, I thought I'd offer a link to where they can be purchased online if you aren't a Utah resident and able to shop at the adorable Lulu's Boutique (LOVE that store!). Using my new marketing skillz, I'm listing an affiliate link in case you want to make a purchase and support my small business as well. If not, no worries. <3

Watercolor Card Thoughts Needed

In similar news, I created a few cards over the weekend and would love your thoughts. They're encouragement cards for a few friends who could use a little love and light right now. Trying to decide which design I like the best. Do you have a favorite? I'd love your input and help!

Option 1: Sun with sky

Option 2: Sun without sky

Option 3: Sun with bitty hearts

Option 4: Heart and sun

Option 5: Sun with rainbow

Is there one style that stands out to you?

Speaking of help, thanks SO much for all of your kind words in response to my last post. I was absolutely overwhelmed by your comments, FB note and messages, emails, phone calls, and texts. I feel beyond loved and know that will make the blue rhythms easier. Thank you from my heart.

I painted bitty hearts on the inside.


Three Trends in Paper Crafting, Part 2 (Watercolor)

In my last post, I shared three trends that I discussed on the TV show Studio 5 this month (watch segment here). Those trends: watercolor, foil, and plaid. Such a fun bunch of looks on the scene right now!

On the set of Studio 5, just after sharing this bunch of trendy fun on TV. Why I decided to hunch over in this odd fashion, I do not know. ;)

Well, I'm back to share a couple of projects I created from the watercolor trend. I used the Just Add Watercolor line from Julie Comstock of Cosmo Cricket to create a home decor item.

Like the name of this product line suggests, all i had to do was add watercolor to get this cool effect. The sheet was already die cut in this pretty way, with the resist areas (embossed areas that won't take color) and foil already added. I used a combination of watercolor crayons from Lulu's Boutique in Gardner Village and the awesome Swatch Sticks, also from Cosmo Cricket, to color my piece. (More on both products below.)

I love quick gift ideas, and this Just Add Watercolor Paper Cuts Deck is just the ticket! Buy a few inexpensive frames (thanks, IKEA), and you've got gifts for friends, Mom, coworkers, and more ready to rock! Here are the cuts that come in the set. You also get gold foil sheets and white cardstock sheets included, so you can take your pick on how you want to back your colored piece.

Image Credit: Cosmo Cricket

I also had fun playing with the Resist Pen from the Just Add Watercolor Cosmo Cricket line. It's a clear ink that, when dry, resists the watercolor, making it an excellent masking/resist option when you want a DIY look.

Image Credit: Cosmo Cricket

Here are a couple of tags I designed with this pen.

Watercolor Tools

I am slightly obsessed with watercolor mediums. I have several different paint options, including a traditional set of paints, watercolor pencils from Stampin' Up!, watercolor crayons from various companies, and now, Swatch Sticks from Cosmo Cricket. Here's a little about what I like about each of my options:

Traditional Watercolor Paint

* Easy to blend colors
* Light weight and thin case
* Many color options

* A bit fragile--you wouldn't want to drop them or you risk cracking the paint
* Bigger (not as travel friendly, but the case is thin [as mentioned above], which helps


Watercolor Crayons

* Easy to lift color directly from crayon using water brush (I like the Aqua Painters from Stampin' Up!)
* Can also color directly on paper and then blend
* Pretty portable

* Can also be fragile, but the ones shown here are pretty durable with their hard plastic case
* Not as easy to blend
* Can create harsh lines when used directly on paper (vs. pulling color from crayon using brush)

These particular crayons create a glittered finish, which is so pretty. I wish my camera would have picked it up better. I purchased these at Lulu's Boutique in Gardner Village.

These crayons were a gift from the Easter Bunny, so I tried them out in my sketch book. I wish the shimmer showed up here. It's so sparkly and pretty IRL.

Watercolor Pencils

* Can draw defined, fine lines and then blend
* Great for detail work
* Nice when practicing lettering or when you want smaller letters

* Fragile (but you can always sharpen the tips if they break)
* Not as easy to blend

Swatch Sticks

* Small and very travel friendly (can you tell I like to craft on the go?)
* Dual tips, so each stick has two colors in one
* Easy to store
* Saturated color
* Easy to pull color directly from tip using water brush
* Can be applied directly to project for coloring
* Blend beautifully

* Lids sometimes come off (store them in a sandwich bag when traveling)
* Some of the darker colors didn't blend as well when applied directly to paper, but lifting the color from the stick worked like a charm

These are just a few of my go-tos. I also love the various pigment powders, like the Pixie Paints from Cosmo Cricket (bottle shown above) and the Color Bursts from Ken Oliver. (You can watch my Studio 5 segment showing the Color Bursts here.) And Gelatos pigment sticks by Faber Castell are always a fun choice.

What is your favorite way to watercolor? I always love hearing of new ideas or approaches. The ones I've listed here are my current faves, but there are so many fantastic options available. I'm all for hearing how you create this soft look.


Feeling Lucky?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, which seems an ideal time to tell someone you feel lucky to know them, love them, work with them... whatever. Wanting to express such gratitude, I painted postcards and used them to send handwritten notes.

Here are the supplies I used. Nothing more than a water brush, watercolor paint, a paper towel, and, my favorite, watercolor postcards!

With my supplies ready to rock, I sat down and began doodling. Here are some of the ideas I came up with. 

We're meeting with friends to celebrate St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, so I also put together a few treats to show them how lucky we feel to have them in our lives. 

And I certainly feel lucky to have this opportunity to connect with you! Thank you for taking time to visit me today. I hope you find the pot o' gold at the end of your rainbow and that it's filled with many blessings, good health, and much happiness!

Speaking of lucky, I'll leave you with a little #TBT (throwback Thursday). Remember this gem? Awww... Takes me back to the good old days, watching TRL at home with my friends, Just kids, we were. lol Enjoy! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! *pinch pinch*