Lovely Wrapped Wreaths

Wrap a little wreath love using different trims. I'm sharing these projects on Studio 5 today, and they're are so much fun to put together. All you need are the following supplies:

* Wreath Form: (available at your local store) Note: Floral wreaths can sometimes be found at the dollar store. 
* Rosette Trim: Search local fabric, trim, craft, or scrapbook stores for this trim. A few scrapbooking companies that sell this style of trim include: American Crafts, BoBunny, Maya Road, and Webster's Pages
* Straight Pins
* Yarn
* Toppings: Ideas include: beaded trim, pom pom trim, and tulle. 

Rosette Wreath
Inspired by this post on the amazing Maya Road blog, I started by making a few rosette-trim wreath (like the one above)s. Here’s how:
1. Pin your trim in place on the wreath. I used this stunning trim from Maya Road

2. Wrap the rosette trim around the wreath base. Note: For a fluffier wreath, wrap the wreath with two layers of trim.

3. Once your wreath is wrapped, you can top it with a second trim (beaded trim, pom poms, tulle, etc.) and/or other accents (rosette flowers, hearts, etc.)

    4. If you want to, you can also add a light misting of sparkle and/or color with spray ink. If you look closely you'll see pink ink has been applied to the creme rosettes. 

    Yarn Wreath
    Lately, I’ve seen several yarn-wrapped wreaths in the creative world, like this cute example. Yarn-wrapped wreaths take more time to create than the rosette variety, but they sure look cute. The steps are similar.
    1. Pin yarn in place.

    2. Wrap yarn around base. Note: You may want to start with a thicker or fuzzy yarn, which is easier to wrap as you’re practicing. 

    3. Dress up your yarn wrapped wreath. For this project, I used the Valentine’s Day garland I made here

    These are happy projects to try for any holiday or season. Do you hang wreaths for seasons beyond Christmas? If so, I’d love to know what holidays or seasons you find yourself all wrapped up in wreath fun. 

    I leave you with a few more wreath creations I've put together. Enjoy! 

    I topped this one with a smaller Rosette trim and some layered rose flowers, both from Maya Road. 

    You'll find some beaded trim and a large silk flower finishing this wrapped wreath, both of which I purchased at JoAnn crafts. 

    And this spring variation was created with colored rosette trim from Webster's Pages.


    P.S. To see more of my Studio 5 crafting segments, please check out the Creating Keepsakes website, where we have a complete archive. Thanks so much! 

    Folded-Paper Wreath DIY

    I’m loving these rolled paper wreaths right now. So when my pal P.K. asked me to come up with a card-group craft this month, I knew this was just the ticket. We had so much fun making them that I thought I’d share the steps here so you can make your own. Here's how!

    Step 1: Cut 26 6x6 squares and 20 3x3 squares from book paper. I used an old dictionary, but any book or sheet music will do (or you can use patterned paper for a completely different look).

    Note: You may not need this many sheets. It depends a great deal on high tightly you roll you cones (step 2).

    Step 2: Roll your cut squares into cones (with your paper positioned like a diamond, bring the sides in and form a point at the tip). Use a strong liquid glue (or a hot glue gun) to hold each cone in place. I used Fabri-Tac by Beacon.

    Step 3: Add glue along the sides of the cones to glue them together, forming a larger circle wreath with the 6x6 cones and a smaller circle wreath with the 3x3 cones.

    Step 4: Once glue is dry, color the wreaths with a little spray ink for a splash of color. I used Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels.

    Note: For the larger back wreath, you may want to spray it in sections before adhering the entire thing together, depending on how large your box is that's catching the spray.

    Step 5: Color doily with spray ink. Once dry, adhere crepe paper to the back of the doily, pleating it for a more textured look.

    Step 6: Adhere cone wreaths to cardboard-circle back for stability.

    Step 7: Layer wreath components with glue, and your spooky sentiment, and hang your wreath for a splash of frightful fun. (Note: I glued a strip of tulle to the cardboard for a hanger.)

    These wreaths are extremely affordable and can be done in an hour or two. To make it even faster, skip the back wreath and go with the smaller wreath only. And try switching out the colors, the paper, or the center piece for different holidays and seasons.