Hero Arts Blog Hop (And $50 Shopping Spree Giveaway!)

Hello, hoppers! Megan Hoeppner here. Fun fact: Hoeppner (pronounced Hep-ner) actually means “maker of hops.” Though, I doubt this means blog hops. Still, this maker is certainly happy to hop with you today in celebration of the 2018 Hero Arts catalog release. Let’s use new Hero Arts products to create a few spreads in a bullet/creative journal.


Spread 1: Home Goals

Each year, I like to make some sort of home spread in my bullet journal. It helps me track our projects and feel some sense of accomplishment at seeing what we've done. With a project as big as an entire house, it can sometimes feel like I'm standing still. :-/ I'm glad I have this page to see what work this is to do and also what work gets done.


I folded a page in my journal in half to create the pocket, and I used the new House Nesting Dies from Hero to dress the pocket up a bit. The bitty front door even opens. Isn't that cute!?


I will use the pocket to contain home-expense receipts and other related items. I hope this helps me stick to a budget. #goals

Spread #2: Wishes

I may be a grown woman, but I still pause to toss a coin in a water fountain from time to time. So I couldn't resist the new Wishing Well stamp set. I combined it with the awesome new Liquid Watercolor paint to create this wishing page--a space to capture my current hopes and dreams.


Shhhh... Since wishes aren't meant to be shared, I made this a flip-up page so I have a space undercover to jot my thoughts.


Spread #3: Reading List

I have so many books I want to read this year. Enough with my dang phone already. I want to take it back to good old paper pages and the comfort of a book. So you bet the new Bookcase stamp jumped right off the catalog page when I saw it.


Inspired by books, I created this page to flip open like a book and added some lined paper inside for me to track the books I'm reading.


Spread #4: Mood Tracker Mandala


I’ve been struggling with the winter blues lately. I can’t shake the funk and thought it might be wise to track my moods. Maybe I’ll even identify triggers that are making me sad. Even though I’m only on my first week of using a Mood Mandala, I’m already learning quite a bit about myself and what lifts me up, as well as what brings me down.

Make a Mood Mandala

I played with the new 6x6 Floral Mandala Background Cling Stamp and the yummy new Liquid Watercolor.

Bullet journal pages can be thin. For more structure, cut 4x8 panels from watercolor paper or cardstock and use them as your page base.


Stamp the background image on mixed media or watercolor paper.


Mark where you’re going to cut using a pen. This background pattern, while awesome, can be tricky to follow without markings of some sort.


With your lines marked, cut the stamped image out.


Repeat these steps until you have several stamped mandala pieces. Fold the mandalas in the center, stack the folded pieces, and stitch them together in the center. Now you can pack more than one mood tracker on a page, which is an awesome way to conserve space in your bullet journal!


For the background paper, think of the moods you’re likely to experience, and jot those down using the fab new Hero Arts Liquid Watercolor Paint.


Think long and hard about the moods you might want to include, going with the ones you experience the most on any given day. For example, I wish I had included “tired.” I know I'm feeling that one a lot.

If you aren't comfortable painting directly on your page, practice a bit first on scrap paper to get a feel for how the paint flows. (It flows beautifully, BTW!)


Once the two pages of your bullet journal spread are complete, stitch them to the journal pages and let the tracking begin!

Using a Mood Tracker

The idea is simple. Whether you use a petal of the mandala for each day or use an entire mandala per day, breaking the petals up into hours, you'll paint the space in the colors that reflect your moods throughout the time defined. I went with a petal per day. It's easy to see where things were going on and what was triggering my mood. Take a look at the center of my mandala. This is where my days start, and they're all blue. If you look at the background page, blue = sad. I know it's silly to start the day on a sad note, but I can't help it. It's when my sweetheart heads off to work, and I'm always bummed to see him go. :( I love this visual representation of how I'm feeling. I hope it will help me kick these darned winter blues and recognize my triggers. Perhaps I can think of a happy habit first thing in the AM that will counter the blue feeling of seeing Cory go.


Hop On & A Giveaway!


Time to move it, groove it. This Maker o' Hops sure appreciates your visit today. To celebrate the 2018 release, Hero Arts is giving away $50 shopping sprees to three lucky commenters. Winners will randomly be selected from the comments across all of the blogs in the hop, so make sure you leave a comment at each hop stop for the most chances to win!  Please leave your comments by 11:59PM PT on February 22, 2018! Have fun checking out the rest of the hopping Hero happiness!


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A Roundup of Free & Fab Calendar Downloads... You know, REALLY free ones!

There's nothing like seeing a pin on Pinterest, celebrating a gorgeous free download, only to follow the bread crumbs to a request for your email, or a requirement to download install software (always makes me nervous), or, worst of all, a dollar sign. I've followed many trails to find several fab pins that truly are free. I'm sharing the downloads and projects you can make with them on Studio 5 this morning at 11:00.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All calendars are intended for personal use only. I do not own the rights to these images. I am simply compiling a list of my favs. Enjoy!

FREEBIE #1: Striking Succulents by Wonder and Wildness

This one prints beautifully on regular printer paper. It's simple yet on trend and elegant, just right for adding some fresh green to these gray winter days.

FREEBIE #2: Natural Beauty by Hanna Nilsson Design

This is a two-for-one deal. You can choose from the feather or the lovely florals.


FREEBIE #3: Glamping Happiness by The Cottage Market

You know me and glampers--I can't get enough. This is a year at a glance, making it an ideal option to print and frame.


FREEBIE #4: Mermaid Magic by The Cottage Market

Confession: I grabbed this one with my five-year-old in mind, but it ended up being one of my favs. Think my daughter will notice if I snag it for my room? I had fun printing this one and stitching it to art paper, which I sprayed using Prima's awesome Color Bloom spray ink. I then used the beautiful new Make Waves mermaid line by Close to My Heart to dress the artwork up further. It didn't take long before I had a calendar that makes quite the splash!


FREEBIE #5: Classically Clean by Paper Trail Design

I love this one because it offers a blank slate. It's clean and graphic and works awesome as is or opens up a world of easy embellishing ideas.


FREEBIE #6: Planner/Calendar Inserts by Eliza Ellis

If you want to add calendar inserts to your day planner, this source is a wealth of awesome options. It includes download choices for various planner sizes, as well as different color choices.

Calendar Printing Pointers

1. Feel free to adjust the percentage at which it prints to customize the size to fit your needs. For example, for a full-size calendar, print at 100%. For a smaller desktop size, try resizing to 50-70%. Typically, you can adjust the percentage in the print preview screen before you hit print.

2. Give your home-printed calendar more oomph by printing on cardstock or simply adhering your printer paper version to cardstock using glue.


A giant thanks to the talented folks who designed these pretty calendars and offered them up as TRUE freebies. No strings attached; just lovely artwork for us to enjoy. SO nice!

Happy 2018, friends!

Paper Crafting with Patches

"Sew it, stick it, do somethin' with it." That's the tagline on the packaging of one of the patches. Isn't it perfect?! There is so much you can do with these little textured treats. Whether you sew it on or use it as a sticker, you're sure enjoy working with this up and coming crafting trend. Think beyond clothing and backpacks to paper crafting. Patches are a quick and easy way to add texture without adding bulk. Use them on albums, scrapbook pages, cards, gift wrap, and home decor. 


About the Patch

Many are sticky-backed, some are iron-ons, and others are meant to be stitched on. 

Like the enamel pins, patches seem to be a throwback to the '80s. They're back in a big way! Of course, you can use them on your clothing. In fact, many clothes are currently designed with patch designs already in place, like this cute Cat & Jack pack that I picked up at Target (which Maggie promptly claimed as her own).


Where Are They?

Patches are available locally at stores such as Target, Michaels, and Hot Topic. You can also find them online. There are so many to choose from. You'll find something for everybody. Try searching "iron-on patches" or "embroidered patches." I have a Pinterest board with a few fun possibilities. Prepare to be '80s inspired! ;)

Paper Craft Using Patches

Pair patches with fabric bags to create fun gift wrap or even add them directly to the fabric liner of your planner. Both are fun iron-on options. The peel-and-stick variety stick very well, so proceed with caution but also know they'll stay put, even on textured surfaces like this awesome Jillibean Soup frame.


Of course, patches are a natural partner to pair with paper projects. They're flat, so they work well on scrapbook pages.


Maggie loved making a quick card and gift bag. You might say these are stickers with pizazz, making they quite kid friendly.

patches_card and bag.JPG

Some are small enough to make awesome planner extras. Taco Tuesday anyone?


As Seen On TV

I'll share even more ideas today at 11:00 AM on Studio 5 (Utah channel 5 if you're in the 'hood, otherwise, you can watch live streaming here).


Thanks to My Production Assistant

I have to give a special shoutout to my help. She made going to the show more fun (which I didn't know could be possible). Thanks, Mags!


Upcoming Classes

I'm so excited to have four local classes coming up. I'd love to see you at any or all of them. Space is extremely limited, but I'd be happy to give you dibs. To receive an e-mail when class sign-ups are posted, please email me at meghoeppner@gmail.com and I'll add you to my mailing list. I hope to see you there! :) The classes are:

1. Wreath Making

2. Creative Planning (November and December classes)

3. Creative Journaling Using a Bullet Journal