Today on Studio 5, I’m sharing easy ideas for making your own travelers notebook. I also share my favorite store-bought options (Hello, Freckled Fawn!) and insert choices in case you love the idea but don’t want to invest in the DIY aspect. Either way, I hope you’ll tune in at 11 a.m. (online and on TV [channel 5]) to learn more about these sweet creative journals/scrapbooks/sketchbooks/happiness!


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I love getting out in the SLC and sharing some creativity with friends. I have some great classes in the works that will be happening soon, including classes on DIY travelers notebooks (creative journals and faux leather journal covers).

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I know you’re busy and the last thing you want is another bunch of spam filling your inbox.I assure you, that won’t be the case. In fact, I’ve been building a list for years and have yet to send a single email (#epicbusinessfail), but I intend to change that and be better about sharing my classes. I’m asked about them often and don’t do enough to get the word out. So this is my public statement to be held accountable and take the next step. :) Thanks so much for your support and interest in what I love and do!

See you at 11. Cheers!

Make a Bitty Haunted House Decoration

Your full-size house isn’t the only one to decorate this season. Create a bitty shadowbox house to display your favorite Halloween photos. Heck! Why not make a house for every holiday? They’re fun and easy to do.

house shadow box project

Embrace the box’s depth by filling the little compartments with layers of detail. In this frame, I used Queen & Co’s Rectangle Shaker Kit to create an interactive shaking element.

Queen & Company Shaker

This window pulls out to reveal an accordion-folded section, made with paper from Echo Park Paper Co. and embellishments from Simple Stories. So cute!

Simple Stories Halloween paper

Surprise! Add journaling/written details behind a little flap. The paper clip helps indicate the lifting mechanism.

Echo Park Paper Company paper


If you’re here because you already watched the show and are interested in participating in my planner swap, check out this photo on my Instagram account to sign up. It’s a fun way to get new supplies and enjoy a little snail mail.

planner supplies


If you’re here because you want details on the AWESOME Freak Show/Circus photo shoot we participated in, you’ll want to check out Jennifer Lyn Lance on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lyn Lance

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lyn Lance

She has new themed shoots all the time and also does gorgeous photos for your favorite occasions—newborn, cake smashing, holiday, and more!

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lyn Lance

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lyn Lance

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