Today is Sept. 11th

On this day in the year 1911, my Gram was born. She passed away last August, but for nearly 96 years she made this world a better place. Instead of focusing on the other important thing that this day is known for, I’d like to focus on this amazing woman!

My Gram’s name was Margaret, which is where both my Mom and I got our names – Peggy and Megan are derivatives of Margaret. This is a tradition that I’d like to carry on if I ever have a girl. I’m thinking Maggie is the name for her – Maggie Christine after her great gram!

My Gram was without a doubt the funniest person I’ve ever known. She had a way of making people laugh out loud, even in moments of extreme sadness.

My Gram made friends everywhere she went. It didn’t matter what the circumstance was, she would always strike up a conversation with a stranger when we were out and about. People liked her, and she liked people!

My Gram was born, lived and died in the same town of Montrose, CO. She did move out of town once or twice in her 96 years, but that meant living outside of the “city” limits by a mile or so.

My Gram hated snakes! She lived and worked hard on a farm. Whenever a snake would slither across her path, she’d grab her irrigation shovel and chop the shiz outta him. To make sure he was good and dead, she’d then throw him in the trash barrel and light a match. A woman after my own heart!

My Gram was an award-winning canner. And boy were her canned goods delightful!

My Gram was known for saying slightly odd expressions. Some of my favorites are “For cryin’ in the sink!” and “He’s a strange bird!” Her way with words would make anyone smile!

My Gram looked adorable in hats. Ever since she was diagnosed with skin cancer on her nose as a young woman (which she survived), she would wear darling hats when she went outdoors. Hats seeemed to be made for her, as there’s not a single one that didn’t look good on her cute head.

My Gram was a strong, intelligent, brave, beautiful, talented, loving force in this world and I miss her terribly. Today is September 11th…today is her birthday! Happy birthday to you, Sweet Gram!