Gift Cards, the Finale (and more Studio 5 fun)!

Gift cards are the perfect last-minute gift. Is there a fashionista on your Naughty-or-Nice list? What about a photo enthusiast? Maybe someone who needs a little pampering? Or a bitty baby? Young or old, I have a few more gift card ideas that should do the trick.

Let’s begin with the youngest on your list. Slip a gift card in a baby sock and clip a hair bow on the sock for added decoration/a bonus gift (for the little girls, that is).

I created a similar project for Paper Crafts magazine a few years ago. This tag/hair bow combo was featured in their Gifts from the Heart special issue.

Along the same lines, you can give a gift card for a manicure in an inexpensive pair of gloves. This also works well for PF Changs gift cards. (You’ll see why when you watch my Studio 5 flick below.) ;)

This is a favorite of mine. Turn an office tag into a closet by tri-folding cardstock, wrapping it around a tag and attaching the “doors” together with magnetic snaps. To create the black around the doors, I simply cut a sticker from Glitz Girls Designs.

Give someone a pair of socks, a scarf or another inexpensive fashion accessory and attach this closet tag to the item with a card to a clothing store. On the inside, write something like, “Have fun completing the outfit!”

Say cheese! Here’s an idea for a photo-lovin’ friend. Give a gift card to a photo developing/gift site or store and attach it to a photo pick. For added festivity, put the pick in a little pail with a few treats to anchor it in place.

If you’re interested in seeing me present these on Studio 5, a local human-interest show, check out the video below. See if you can catch my word slip-up. I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with a water bottle clip and Santa's reindeer. Oh, the merry horror! ;)