My Posie Project (advice appreciated!)

One of my favorite parts of buying a special handmade treat is they way it's often packaged--soaked in some serious TLC. 

So, with this TLC appeal in mind, I wanted to try a new form of thank-you tag for my posie orders. 

Here's what I came up with. A pleated ruffle sewn using matching fabric. (Sorry it doesn't show so well here.)

I'd love your feedback. If it were you receiving such a surprise, would you rather it be something you could use, like the "baby" gift tags I include with my onesie orders?

Or would you prefer the tag offer a message of thanks for your order? 

I have quite a crush on handwritten notes, so I think I'd prefer a message. But I also realize people like finding value in their purchases, which makes me think they'd prefer a blank, pretty tag. 

I'd love your thoughts on the subject if you have a min. Thanks, in advance, for any guidance you can offer. This handmade-business bidnaz is tough, to say the least, and I hope to eventually find that secret sauce. With your help, I'm confident I can do it!