Jet Packs? I think not!

Today’s the day. Carpe Diem! I’m writing my first blog post.

I’ve been thinking. Stewing. Pondering. What direction will my blog take? A creative course? A personal path? A humorous approach? Days…no, weeks have been spent tossing this question around in my head.

Well, I’m done contemplating. F- it! I’m just going to blog about all of the above. Whatever tickles my blogging funny bone. If it sucks (or I suck at doing it, I should say) I can just shut it down. Problem solved.

But what do I write my first post about? You only have one first – it should be a good one. Not one thrown away after a night of too many martinis, if you get my drift.

I asked my DH, Cory, what I should write about. His answer: “Jet Packs!” Ummm…NO!

I should say that he’s a bit of a science nerd. He is at this very minute watching Sc (the Science Channel), which is about the only channel our main TV sees. Thanks, Bill Nye. Thank you very much!

Anyway, as much as I’m sure you’d love to read about jet packs, I’m going to save that for a future, less significant post. It’s just not sponge-worthy for the first post. Sorry, Bear. (I call Cory “Bear,” BTW.)

Instead, I’m just going to end the all-important first here. Firsts usually end rather suddenly anyway, right? Right!

So, it’s official. I’m a blogger. Eeep! Scary, I know, but it was bound to happen.

Your newest blogging friend, Megan
Bear, mesmerized by Sc. The pups, more entertained by me and my camera.