Cupid's Arrow: A Washi Tape Treat

Need a quick Valentine that doesn't suck? These should, ahem, point you in the right direction!

Washi Arrows

* heart suckers
* washi tape in 2 varying widths
* fine-point permanent marker (I used Sharpies)

Do It To It
1. Adhere two strips of wider washi to sucker stick, extending the tape approximately 2" beyond end of stick. 

2. Cut ends of tape closest to sucker to a point that points towards the sucker. 

3. Layer thinner strip of tape over center of wider tape (both front and back) and cut sucker ends to point.

4. Make a dovetail cut to outside end of tape and cut some fringe to complete your feather. This is the fun part! 

5. Write a little love note on feather using permanent, fine-point marker. 

6. Call Cupid and tell him you have his arrows ready to rock and roll. (800-LOVE-YOU)

Love Buds

If a bouquet of flowers is more your speed, you can use most of the same supplies (and a couple of punches) to make these botanical beauties!

Do It To It
1. Punch hearts from patterned paper (or cardstock) using heart-shaped punch. Note: Approximately 5 hearts per flower.

2. Punch small hole in base of each heart. Note: Hole should be the size of your sucker stick, if not slightly smaller.

3. Thread punched hearts up stick and fan out around sucker to create flower.

4. Add leaves using by wrapping a strip or two of washi around sucker stick, beneath hearts. Note: This will also hold hearts in place. 

5. Write a little love note on tape using a fine-point journaling pen.

6. Call the florist and tell him he has the day off; you've got this!

* heart suckers (Target)
* basic hole punch
* washi tape 
*  heart punch (I used Fiskars scalloped heart)
* fine-point permanent marker (I used a Sharpie)

I think the complete project was only $4 for 32 suckers. 

* Suckers = $1/pack of 8 @ Target
* Crafting Supplies = $free.99, because I used supplies I already had on hand